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Borobudur Temple


image Borobudur Temple  formed punden berundak, consist of six rectan formed levels, three circle round formed levels and a stupa principal as the top. besides widespread at all stage several stupa.
borobudur high rise ten describe clearly sect philosophy mahayana. like a book, borobudur describe ten stages bodhisattva that must be passed to achieve fullness be buddhism.
foot part borobudur symbolize kamadhatu, that is world that still to dominated by kama or " low desire" . this part is a large part closed by stone stack that is guessed made to brace temple construction. in this addition structure closed part is found 120 story panels kammawibhangga. a part little that addition structure be separated out so that person admit of to see relief in this part.
four floors with wall berelief at on it by experts is called rupadhatu. square formed the floor. rupadhatu world that can free self from desire, but still bound by aspect and form. this stage symbolizes nature between that is, between nature under and nature on. in part rupadhatu this is buddhism statues found in wall clefts above ballustrade or gailery.
begin floor fifth up to seventh mendingnya not berelief. this stage is called arupadhatu (that mean not shaped or not extant). circle formed floor sketch. this stage symbolizes nature on, where human freed from all willing and form tie and aspect, but not yet achieve nirvana. buddhism statues is laided in stupa that closed wormeaten like in cage. from outside that statues stills appear dimly.
highest stage that describes form lack is symbolized shaped stupa biggest and highest. stupa described artless without holes. in stupa biggest this is ever found buddhism statue imperfect or called also unfinished buddhism, impute as statue adibuddha, while pass furthermore watchfulness never there statue in stupa principal, statue not finished that be the carver error in away back. follow wrong statue belief in course of the maker really may not be botched. archaeology digging that done at this temple yard finds many statues likes this.
in the past, several buddhism statues together with 30 stones with relief, two lion statues, several time formed stones, ladder and gate is sent to king thailand, chulalongkorn that visit dutch indies (now indonesia) in the year 1896 as present from dutch indies government at the time.
borobudur doesn't has adoration spaces like temples other. existing long roads that are small street. roads are limitted wall surround level temple by level. at roads here's buddhism people is estimated to do ceremony walks to surround temple up at right. building form without room and this storeyed structure is guessed to be development from form punden berundak, be original architecture form from indonesia prehistory time.
structure borobudur when seen from on form field structure.

A Guide to Shopping in Bali

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By Orson Johnson

Bali is an Indonesian island and a large tourist destination famous for its arts, dance, painting and music. The Balinese culture is majorly influenced by Indian and Sanskrit which is shown in their clothings, silverware and wooden carvings sold around the island.

Shopping in Bali is a blast! You can find fine art and unique handicrafts, antique and modern furniture, various paintings, crafted gold and silver jewellery, batik clothings, stone carvings, etc in the villages. Shops around the same area usually sell similar items, so if you aren't able to find a particular size, move on to the next shop to find it!

Places to shop:

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak: You can find batik sarongs, handicrafts, jewellery, and furniture along the main road of Kuta. The street peddlers will invite you to see the watches, trinkets and leather goods that they are selling, however do remember to be firm with them if you are not interested in their merchandise. Visit Kuta Square to see the local shops and Matahari Department Stores which virtually sells everything!

Other well known shopping centres in Seminyak are Geneva and Jalan Raya Kerobokan which sells cheap handicrafts. Discover boutiques of local designer clothes, lifestyle goods and antiques while walking along Legian Street from Seminyak. In the area, there are also many small family owned outdoor restaurants known as warungs along the street where tourists can stop and grab a bite at.

Sanur: The main street of Sanur where one can shop is at Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Painting studio shops offering broad selections of paintings can be found in this area. A chic women's fashion shop specializing in apparels which features embroidery is along the street. Many warungs with interesting concepts are also located nearby where one can taste authentic Indonesia food.

Nusa Dua: Shop at The complex called the Bali Collection! Sogo Departmental store is located inside the complex and offers a wide selection of international brands and designer labels. There are several number of small restaurants located around the resort with outdoor dining too.

Duty free shopping: There are numerous duty free shopping locations in Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and at the Bali airport, but do expect the prices of the local produces to be priced expensively at these outlets compared to the previously mentioned shopping areas.

Things to note:

Remember to bargain when in the shops, as it is a normal practice there. Bring enough cash along with you too, because not all shops will accept credit cards. The shops are usually open from 10am to around 11pm.